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Budget Busters – The Advertising Monster

Advertising is all around us. We are constantly inundated with it, over and over again. The impulse and image monsters derive its power mainly from the power of advertising. If you hear or see something over and over again, you begin to believe it. It starts to influence your decisions at the subconscious level. If you have not fully bought into your financial goals, you can fell prey easily.

Your Money, Your Life

If we stop to consider how we really earn money, we will take greater care of what we do with it the moment money gets into our hands. Our entire lifetime can be expressed in hours literally. Let’s say you life to be 95 before you answer the final curtain call, you would have lived 24 x 365 x 95 = 832,200 hours

Pay Yourself First – Save off the Top

If you are like most people, you face challenges saving. Your salary does not seem to be enough in the first place, talk less of saving? How can you save when you are trying to make do with what you have? It seems like being asked to make bricks without straw. It does not sound realistic. The issue is higher pay rather than cultivating a savings habit. When the money is enough, then you can consider putting some aside for tomorrow. It is a well fed person that can think of saving, not one trying to make a living.

Financial Decisions: When Common Sense is Not Common

I still wonder why common sense is so named. I feel native sense or something similar is more like it. In my experience, common sense is not common especially when it comes to money. The challenge lies in the way we make financial decisions, especially when it comes to spending. We spend with our emotions [...]

To Save and to Keep

Spending less than you earn is common sense. An average employee or income earner knows this deep down. Spending less than one earns is one of the usual suspects in many a failed New Year Resolution. We routinely give in to aimless spending in the holiday season, pay the price in the New Year as [...]

Are You Cruising on a Financial Treadmill?

If you are still where you were financially last year, chances are, you are cruising on a financial treadmill. Money comes into your hands every month, and you spend it on the usual suspects. By the time the dust settles, you are still where you were before the money came into your hands. You are [...]

More On Our Money Reflexes

What is your common reflex action when it comes to money? When you enter a car – you reach for the seat belt. When you touch a hot object – you snatch away your hands. If a flying object comes towards you – you duck. When money comes towards you – YOU SPEND. We tend [...]

Money Questions: Finding Out The Why?

When it comes to money, we often do not stop to think through before we act. The answer to why holds the key to why we do the things we do, and consequently get the results we get. If we are not getting the results we desire, it means we may be doing something wrong. [...]

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