Overcoming lack mentality 2

Lack mentality keeps one immobilized from taking the actions we need to move away from lack to abundance. When you have a lack mentality, you believe there is not enough to go round, so you always look out for yourself. The first thing that comes to mind is ‘what is in it for me?’ We believe the pie is fixed and if we are to get more, someone else have to make do with less – a zero sum game. Hence we focus more on getting than giving. We cling to what we have rather than focus on what we can give. We become go-getters rather than go-givers.

This is shooting yourself on the foot. Lack mentality begets lack. You cannot receive on a sustainable basis without giving and giving. You cannot succeed in business without giving. A business that provides no goods or services to the common good soon runs out of business. Money is given in exchange for goods and services. To get more, you have to give more. According to Zig Ziglar of blessed memory, you can get whatever you want if you can enough enough people what they want. Getting comes naturally after giving. That is the law.

Your income is in direct proportion to how much you give. If you give more, you make more money. If you set up a system to give to millions of people, you become rich beyond your wildest imagination. Lack mentality makes you focus on yourself, your needs, your desires, your whatever. If you only give to yourself, then you have only one client – you. If you want to multiply your income, multiply your giving. Find a way to give to more and more people.

When all you focus on is yourself, you will lack. Abundance mentality thinks of others first, of what to do to make others life easier or better. It is this mindset that will inspire you to develop goods and services to service others, goods and services that other will gladly part with their hard earned money for.

If you see someone feeling depressed, underneath are thoughts of self – self pity, disappointment etc. Self is at the center. The best way to break out is to start thinking of others and what you can do to help. When you help others, you are indirectly helping yourself.

If you want to break away from lack to abundance, you need to change your focus from self to others. When you serve others, others will serve you. Find ways to add more value all around you and you will see your income start to grow in response.

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