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Financial Freedom For Employees: Between the Devil and a Hard Place

This is not the best of times for employees worldwide. Folks are losing jobs in records numbers and unemployment figures are climbing to all time highs. Back here in Nigeria, Access Bank is in the news for throwing 1,500 Intercontinental Bank staff into the job market as a result of the successful acquisition of the [...]

Why Not Hire Yourself?

Our school system is configured to produce employees. Majority of graduates from Universities and Colleges are out looking for vanishing jobs. As the economies of the ‘developed’ nations contract leading to a global economic recession, unemployment numbers are going sky high, triggering alarm bells across the globe. A growing army of unemployed youth is an [...]

The Reality of Your Job

I received this by email, not sure who the author is, thought I should share. It harps on issues I have discussed extensively on this blog about remaining in control of your financial future rather than be at the mercy of your employer and bosses. It is a reality check As the year draws to [...]